A Thought Provoking Day

Today was a journey into my own mind, and the Starved Rock State Park in IL. We walked over 6 miles of some of the most beautiful, thought-provoking  scenery I have seen in a long time. Although it was my folks and I, we would run into people along the trails, have a chance to climb some canyons and just take in the beauty of nature. But along the way, we would have to stop so my dad could take some breaks and I began to think again. I am fortunate to have my father in my life, even in it's limited capacity, and I treasure this relationship. For 30 years he has been the man in my life, my voice of wisdom and strength. But today I began to see the tides turning. Although I have before thought about what it will be like someday without my father, today I actually pondered those thoughts.

I found myself taking an exorbitant amount of pictures just to capture these moments for myself. I hope that is not too selfish. So now I sit here in the dark, very thankful that I had a great day with my father... and hoping for many more.


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