Another Assignment

Well I was asked again tonight to do another shoot for Our Lives Magazine, which I am completely stoked about! This time, I will get to go down State Street so at least there is not a long drive. I am sure that this shoot will take me a full day since I tend to people watch a lot and enjoy my time down on state street. There are 7 places I can choose to visit, and most of them are new to me so this will be a riot.

In other news, Sunday night is the first game for hockey. Last week we were able to take the ice with our teams and practice for a little while. I must admit, I felt so lost out there! But I know with each week we will improve and learn how to be more efficient out there. I am somewhat interested in learning defense, but I think my skating skills need to improve first. I just don't need the glory of scoring, however, I like the idea of protecting the goal. But time will tell!!


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