I had the strangest dream

I thought I would write this down before I forgot anything. It was very vivid and felt almost real! I was on the Act ride I believe, we were all in a field at a pit stop. Scanning the faces around me, some were easily recognizable, so were people from hockey and others I know that I knew, however, I don't know their names. Somehow I knew we were being held hostage because there was a woman that was ordering me around that I really did not like. I kept glaring at her and plotting ways to overthrow her control on us. As we were being led into an area to put our lunches I noticed that it was getting significantly colder. When we entered the next room we were standing before a huge iceberg floating in a pond (think of the zoo), and then all of us were walking around on it. This was where I was able to put some names to the faces, I think my old roommate Dawn was out there, Gerry, Bri, Paula. Those guys were all out in the water, almost swimming around, and the rest of us were way up on this iceberg walking around, still trapped there by psycho lady. So those in the water (ie see names above) signaled to me that they were going to help us, and they all pulled out grenades. At the time, I just knew this would be tricky, because you know all of this stuff in your dream. So they launch the grenades and they begin to explode above me, and suddenly the shelf of ice that is the top of the berg is crashing down on all of us. So of course we jump in the water, realizing that this was going to be a tomb since there was no where to go but under the ice cold water below. So I take a huge breath and plunge into the darkness below, where every way I go is just blocked by the ice and I hear the song from Titanic in the background (you know, my heart will go on..where they are in the freezing cold water) and I am just swimming around trying to find a way out. After what seems like forever, I find a pocket and I am able to shoot up to the surface where tons of people are trying to find their way out as well. I see CPR being done on those along the side, and someone had a fire and sing-a-long going on one side of the berg. And although people are crying and upset about being taken hostage and nearly drowning, we are just happy that....my alarm clock went off!! I didn't get to capture that psycho lady or anything!!! 


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