One giant leap for us

I just walked in the door from meeting with a realtor, and we are starting to look for a house. This was something that I have wanted for a long time, yet somehow I didn't think I would ever be at that point. I remember saying right before we walked in that I was very nervous, as soon as I met Sherry that instantly melted those butterflies away. As we got back into the car, we looked at each other and the only thing we said was "here we go." To think that I can have my own driveway, with my own one to hear climb up their stairs, or pissing in the toilet!!

A place that I can call my own, and it is the biggest decision I have ever made. I have wondered if we will be treated like every other couple looking for a home of their own. With that being said, our real estate agent is a little firecracker! She is a take no crap, take down names and keep movin kind of lady. I think she will be the perfect to help us choose our starter home. She has promised this to be a fun, albeit somewhat stressful experience! Here we go! 


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