Momma Said There'd Be Days Like This...

Today is the kind of day that I guess I should have just stayed in bed! It actually all started this weekend when some little felon broke into one of our cars and stole a wallet. Fortunately, they were not smart enough to open the trunk where there was a hunting bow among other things.  So, yesterday morning was spent calling the bank and various other credit agencies putting fraud alerts out and closing accounts. So all seemed to be okay by last night...that was until it was time to get ready for work this morning. First there was no hot water, can't be that hard to light the pilot light right? So I mosey out there in my robe with my mag light (I know what your thinking, I looked SO cute!) Rather than trying to figure out how to light the damn thing, I notice a lovely leak flowing freely from a pipe. Not a big deal I say, call the landlord. Since he lives upstairs, I can hear exactly where he is in the house so not a problem I give him a call.

My landlord being the handyman that he is (which is not a whole lot) calls and says, well there is a leak, he hopes it doesn't short out the electricity and HOPEFULLY it will be taken care of by time we get home tonight. hmm...well I figured that a freezing cold shower was going to have to do today, so I went to brush my teeth, hmm no water comes out. So I check all the faucets, no water there either. The handy landlord shut off the water. Excuse me? How the hell is someone going to get ready for work? And he is hopeful it will be fixed today?! What the hell?!

I was going to blog about hockey today and share how the first game went, but I think I will save that for another day. Right now I have to pack up my tooth brush so I can go to work to get presentable. The good side to all of this? I was able to make coffee before the water was shut off :O)


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