I decided to title this post broken because right now I feel like I have a broken spirit. Work has been stressing me out a lot, and next weekend we were having our formal function that I was asked to shoot the pictures for. Well today I found out that my work has found a way not to pay me for the event. Based on principle I told them they can stick it..their argument was that as a company they have some "rule" that will not allow an employee to benefit from such activities. Great argument, however, we have someone at work who's wife is our IT person on this not a violation of said rule? This benefits the one employee..I don't get it.
So, I am deeply disappointed by that, and have decided to forgo the event all together. It just so happens that my hockey team is having a jock auction that evening as well and now I am going to be able to go. I would rather hang out with my friends anyway!
With all that being said, it is just another thing at my job that is extremely frustrating. I do not know how much longer I intend to remain, the leadership is piss poor and basically does not exist. I find myself struggling to remain positive and not get sucked into the funk that surrounds my co-workers, but it is very difficult.
Perhaps tomorrow will be better, we have an Act 5 holiday reunion party tomorrow night that I am looking forward to. Time to see old friends, and hang out, I need something to lighten my spirit.


Kimberly said…
Sorry to hear about your funk and disappointment. I can see why you would be upset and I think it is pretty bogus what they are doing. The smiley side of it is they will likely have to find someone last minute to do what you were going do and it will probably cost them a bunch more. Sounds like you will have more fun at your hockey event so that is another bright side. Hang in there and have a great weekend just to spite those that have broken your spirit.

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