Over a cup of coffee

So, this morning I sat at my computer with my cup of coffee, surfing various blogs and web sites,  as I always do in the morning. I read the deep thoughts and ramblings of people I know and complete strangers and wondered about their lives. I really wish I had the ability to convey my thoughts the way some of these people do. But I will have to settle for the style that I blog in.

Anyway, I came across this article about a student hugging another one at school. Now, I know it was a while ago but I remember giving hugs to my friends all the time in high school. It was almost like passing notes, you just did that. Can you imagine just giving you friend a hug or holding hands with someone can get you punished?! Seriously, wtf is going on in the school system.

Kids are not allowed to show any type of affection for each other now? Where are they going to learn this? I remember as a kid getting spanked with a paddle or belt, hugging my friends, holding hands down the hallway, it was part of being a kid! We all survived..

All of this and I haven't even finished my cup of coffee.


spants said…
I always felt a bit odd about hugging my friends at school - I recall always thinking if I do this will they think I'm gay - god knows why.
I ignored the voice in my head and it's only now that I have FINALLY realised I am gay that I realise why my head kept on saying this to me.

That said the world has gone super crazy, when a teacher can't console a child when they cry, or when friends can't express their friendship by hugging it tells you one thing, it's all gone to far, where will this end?

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