Please send well wishes

I only have a moment of time.. yesterday Loni's neice arrived into the world after a complicated and difficult delivery. The baby girl (who does not have a name yet) is all alone at Children's Hospital of Milwaukee where she was flown a few hours after birth with a head injury and major laceration due to the use of forceps by her doctor. At this point, we do not know how she is, her mom and dad will be going this afternoon (hopefully us tonight as well) to see her for the first time.
Send a good thought, a prayer, a wish, whatever moves you, that this baby can fight and survive.
If the weather holds out, I will be bringing my camera and getting some pictures.

Hang in there little one!


Kimberly said…
Congrats on being an aunt. I will definitely be praying for that little girl to recover from her rude welcome to this world. Please keep us informed on how she is doing and be sure to post a pic (hopefully it isn't too difficult to get a pic of her).

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