Seasons Change

Okay, I am up super early, by my calculations, I have 19 min before I need to be getting ready for work. Thanks to the fact that yesterday I had to plan for lots of weather, and I forgot to reset the alarm, here I am. Perhaps I should do this more often if it get's me to blog first thing in the morning?!

So yesterday at work we found out that my technical director is resigning his position and is moving back to Colorado (WHAT?!) Now, I am not all that sad since I know this will make him super happy and I don't think he ever felt like a real part of WI (have I mentioned that I would leave if I was managing some of us?!) Anyway, I am very concerned for those internal candidates that may surface over the next few weeks. Especially the one that sleeps through his shift most of the time. I have a feeling if he truly did get the position it would be based on the fact that he has been there a while but has no managerial experience whatsoever! I hope, that they select someone outside of the company actually that will whip the lab into shape. Tell people to grow up, get over it, and get their ass to work! Really people, it's not that hard!
With all of that being said, today I should be hearing about a position I applied for. Although in the wake of previous paragraph, I don't know what will happen. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
Tonight is gym night, so after work I am heading back to the gym. I don't know what is up with my motivation, or should I say lack of motivation. But it's time to put up and shut up about it! No more excuses!!


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