I get sick about 1 time a year, last year I was fortunate not to get sick that I recall but I did have my all-in-one-day surgery followed by car accident so I counted that as my "sick" time last year.

Anyway, I have spent a lot of today laying on the couch, sandwiched by my dogs, them sleeping and me trying really hard to get some rest. Only bothered by the fact that I wanted the fly that snuck in the house to leave me the hell alone and knowing that at 6pm I would have to start working until 6am Monday morning. ugh!

Last weekend was the Brewers game, now typically I am so excited about this, but last week was just not into it. That only became worse as the game went on. People are just rude..and I mean inconsiderate impolite, jerks, whatever you call them. Our seats were not too bad, right where the upper deck starts, by the 3rd base line..however I spent most of the game trying to see around the guy sitting in front of me. Now if he really sat most of the time it might not be as bad, however, if he was not standing he had visitors that stopped by all the time...now he was no small fry. BIG GUY, and his friends were adding to the preverbal wall that was being built in front of me. Needless to say, this guy got more drunk as the game progressed (quickly buying 4 more when they announced last call) and he would yell, stand up, sit down, walk around..just be a pain in my ass. So, we decided to leave early, that's irritating they were. We are also considering getting seats in the family section next time, it's bad enough you have to deal with all those people but then with the alcohol too...pain in the butt!!


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