The word of the day

Words on a Monday morning

Winter weather
Hurting (physically)

Lot’s going on, school winding down, pressure winding up. Head is whirling around. Hockey is great but frustrating.

This week is super busy, quite overwhelming when I think about it, actually the next 2 weeks are. I have a State licensing exam on Tues, took Thurs off so I can go to class during the day and take Loni to the Carrie Underwood concert at night with our friend Mel, Act 6 reunion party on Friday night and sat I have work, the women’s hockey game with MGHA and take Loni to her Christmas party. Whew, I am tired just looking at this list.

Mom and Dad coming for a visit on the 12th, National Registry Practical Exam on the 16th and National Registry Written sometime around there as well. So, by Christmas I should be exhausted, but finished. Maybe I can have some time again, some time to focus on what is important and more importantly spend some time with Loni. I would love to find a way to have a get-away. I think we need it. But I am doubtful this will happen anytime soon. We just always have something going on, and to make matter worse, it’s Christmas time and I am not a big fan of the holidays.

Ugh..I think that’s the big word for the day.


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