Religion was such an important of my life growing up...
sunday school
christian school
bible camp
profession of faith.
I have been told I will go to hell
I am not going to be allowed into heaven
I am not welcome
I am not accepted into the church that I have belonged to my entire life!!
I haven't been able to go to church or think about church in 6 years because I have felt that they were right...they MUST be right.
But then I realized...
I am here for a reason
I am here for a purpose
I am somebody too
I love
I feel
I believe
Finally someone else does too....
visit them
support them..they see the light for what it is
We are all human beings, created for a purpose, created for a reason...
what is your purpose~have you lived the life you were meant to live..or the one you thought they wanted you too...
I made a decision
I will make a stand
I will be me.


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