Springtime is coming

I love spring, probably my second favorite season of the year. Spring is a good time to re-evaluate things in life, clean out the personal cobwebs of your life and also the house. It’s a great time to open up the windows and hear the birds, letting in that fresh air after 5 or 6 months of being locked up during the winter.

Lots of things happening in our lives right now, we finally purchased a new truck last night – after 8 months of 1 vehicle and trying to coordinate everything it was time to take the plunge. So, this evening we will head over to the car lot and pick it up. I am quite excited because of how happy this makes Loni; she is over the moon right now actually. This will be the first new vehicle she has ever had (only 160 miles!!) and this is HER truck. Even though it will be the primary vehicle when we go on trips or anything like that, it is hers. Just seeing how excited she is makes me happy too!

We are approaching the end of regular season for hockey. I have mixed feelings about this because in some ways I am sick of the drama that has come with my team this year, but also very proud of the progress that we have made together despite that drama. I am trying to decide if I will remain with this team or not, I am looking at options and coaching that is more suited to my skill and learning capabilities.
We are also coming to an end with the co-ed league that we play with (only 3 games remaining, not like I am counting) and this is very bittersweet for me. I know I will miss certain aspects of this league but it is time for me to move on, and I will finally get my Sunday nights back. I think this is a huge part of my motivation to be able to relax on Sunday nights and not worry that I will be exhausted for my work week.

Work is really stressing me out right now and quite a few people that I consider friends are leaving the company. On one hand I am super excited for them to get out of this situation, I am selfish and I will miss them and their camaraderie through our tough times. I know with the departure of these people it’s going to put more workload on us, and there is more than enough already on our shoulders. I have been searching a lot for something more suitable to what I would like to do for a living.


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