Still a lot going on...wanting to bang my head into the wall some days.

I hate my job, I hate my job, I hate my job. I notice as the feeling of misery increases I get sick more often. I have a very good track record, or at least I am consistent with never using my sick time. Well, this year I have been sick a few times - got knocked down a week or so ago with ear & sinus infection (speaking of I need to pop that horse pill they gave me...ugh giant sucker) anyway..after that took me out for 2 days I was informed that if I call in again I will be written up.
Mind you this is after I have applied and interviewed for a different position at work and was then told if I got it I would take a pay cut. Really? A pay cut? I have worked many jobs in my life, and in all the moving around within those companies I have never been told that I would actually lose money. They have warned that I will not earn more, but cut?? WTF?
So, apparently if I get sick again, I should just report to my cubicle and get the entire place sick. I guess it just irritates me because we do not have designated "sick time" so you use PTO for all time. Oh and apparently they don't have excused ie Doctor's note or something vs unexcused ie whatever because I had a note and everything!!!

Hockey, my favourite sport in the world, is causing me some heartache and I am trying to work through it. Our team is having some coaching issues and I am trying desperately to do the right thing for this group of ladies and also doing what I need to do to keep my own sanity. I just wonder what will happen, I think some feelings will ultimately get hurt - but many already have. Sometimes having the guts or courage to finally stand up and say this is wrong is a very lonely and exhausting place.


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