Snubbed again??

Okay rather than start off with the bitching that will ensue here in a few minuets I will share the good things, or celebrate the successes as a former boss of mine used to say.

First off my day started with a friend asking me if someone could help me with some fundraising. He wants to put up a donation can of sorts where he works. I will take any/all help I can get, but then again, that is what this ride is about.

So on to being bitchy.. my executive director finally came back today, just a reminder he is the one that will be making the decision to hire me for the new position or not. Anyway, so after talking to him for a little while I did ask what was up with the position. He said that the decision is not made yet and it will still be another week or two (this means it will be 5 ish weeks since the interview). Then he proceeded to ask me where I was at with the police department process. When I told him that the test was still a few months away he almost was taken back. He said that he was hoping I would be further along..which tells me that they were hoping I would know something which would make their decision easier. I don't believe that my ED wants me to have this position, plain and simple. I was honest with him in sharing that I was going for a dream, I might not make it but there it was anyway. So what do I get in return? The gee, well, um, maybe..BS that they keep telling me!!! I have told them that if I do not get the position in the PD, I do not want to work in the lab anymore. I will hold good to this promise, that you can be sure!

Oh and to add to this, my parents are driving through Madison tomorrow and want to stop by for dinner. This should be interesting. But they are bringing John and Selma, who have always been my honorary grandparents and lived behind or next to me my whole life are coming along as well. So since they are in their 80s and their health is failing, I am glad to be seeing them at least. I miss being able to see John and Selma more often, I used to go play with their dog Sam and run around with him all the time. They are such sweet people.


Kimberly said…
The job thing just sucks. Sometimes I wonder if businesses have completely forgotten that they are dealing with people, not just a number or worker. Good luck with both of your endeavors.

I'm glad to hear that your parents are stopping by to say hi. It will also be nice to see your old neighbors/grandparents.

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