Okay please allow me to rant a little. Beware, I could use some profanity if the mood is right.

Okay I am coming off a recovery weekend today, not a terrible one. I did stay up a little late on Friday night working on some health things with a friend. So, okay I was up until about 1am. Get a call at 3am, dealing with some work stuff until about 5am. Then, 7am starts more work..all day. Then at night, we went with the girls out for a long drive just to take a long walk. I know it sounds funny, but we really did have a specific destination in mind but anyway, exercise was needed. Got home at a decent time, not early by any standards and had a decent night sleep...well until Sarge vomited right next to my head at 4am. This resulted in me laying on the couch for a little while and being paged again around 630am. So, off I go again do another case and make it back just in the nick of time for lunch with a friend. The rest of Sunday went pretty good but I was still somewhat tired. Then I get a call to be back at work for an excision at 1045pm. This will typically take about 1 hour so I thought I could easily be home before midnight. Well you know what they say about plans...

Tissue did not arrive until almost 1130pm and by time I got home it was after 1am. So, alarm goes off at 550am and here we go again to work. Funny, when I went to bed I remember thinking, this is just a nap not sleep. I figured when I got in today if I was just too tired I would be able to go home. I couldn't have been more wrong. Basically I was told today that If I wanted to leave early today I would be forced to use my benefit time or make the hours up this week. Not only was this completely offensive to me I just couldn't believe how unfair, wrong and just ridiculous this is!! So, essentially my safety or ability to work and do a good job for the recipient not important to them at all. They didn't care that I was making some critical errors, or could hardly keep my head up.

Long story short, in March I about drove into a semi and decided to say something about the state of exhaustion within the lab. For a while I thought I was taken seriously, only to find out now that my safety truly is not important. I am scared for the day that something happens to one of us that could have been prevented. I just don't think I can stand by any longer and have this continue, at least not for myself. It is just not worth it to me anymore.


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