Ahh the good 'ole days

Now that I am a UW Women's Hockey superfan I can't help but remember my good old days of college. I went to a Division II school that had a lot of Division I sports teams, (including hockey..why the heck wasn't i watching it then huh??) but anyway, I was on the track team for my university. I remember the fridays that we would have to wear our uniforms to class because we were leaving by noon to drive the rest of the day and sometimes into the night to make our meets. We would be gone saturday, some of Sunday before we got home. Because our team was pretty decent, we would be focouse all year, including summer breaks. I remember the binders worth of workouts that we had to do each day of break...do not show up to camp before school not ready. Your scholarship depended on that.
I remember my freshman year making it to the NCAA II indoor championships at University of Michigan. I remember the pride I had in being a college athleat at that moment. Student athleats give up so much to put on the show that we enjoy watching. The daily balance of practice, weights and class. Not to mention when you travel all over the region to compete. But that's what they do, it's what they live for. Sitting on the bus for hours, trying to get the homework done or read something that you won't have time for later. The getting up at 5am to hit the weight room, going to class, and then having to go to practice in the afternoon. Repeat daily. I love student athleates...I love the work ethic. I remember my glory days, I hope they treasure theirs.


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