Some utter bliss and a little sadness

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So starting with the good stuff. Friday I am at work feeling ho hum about my duties, lamenting how I really need a new job, blah blah. When my phone vibrates telling me I have a new email which is from city of Sun Prairie and it has 1 line that I can read that says congratulations. I almost jumped out of my skin for a moment. I ran to the nearest computer and pulled up my email which told me I had passed the written exam and was moving onto the oral board interviews. HOLY CRAP!! And I thought I was gonna bomb their test. Shows how much I know. Anyway, I have 2 interviews on Sept 13th in front of various panels and I don't know how soon I will hear but I was one of the top 50 which is sweet. My friend from work also moved on, whoohoo! Oh did I mention I have a 45 page packet to fill out? Nice, I know!

Now onto the sadness that going on in my life right now. Loni's grandfather (who is probaly the most important person in her life) is dying. They put him on home hospice at the end of last week and he just continues to go downhill. Honestly, I don't think it will be long. I have been without grandparents for many years now and I still feel the pang in my heart for them while Loni and I talk about her grandpa. He was more of a father figure for her, she practicly lived with him and he was the only guy in her life she could count on. He has lived 85 action packed years, and she has gotten to spend 26 years of her life with him which is awesome. He family has treated me so good since I came into their lives as well, even grandpa and grandma. He is quite a guy and it makes me sad to see someone so fully of life go from ohunting and fishing to not being able to carry on a conversation. For Loni this is the first person she has lost in her life and I think it's even more difficult considering it is him.


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