Harry Potter

After much waiting since the Tues midnight opening, I got to see Harry Potter today. I must say I was very pleased at the direction that they have gone with these movies. They have kept very close to the books but of course have used some licensing for themselves, but they have done a great job. I also enjoyed the flashbacks during the move that showed just how much these "kids" have grown over the past 5 movies.

There were some great laughs just as I have come to expect from certain characters and the usual teenage angst that you could not pay me to revisit! The movie had a strong theme in not always being stronger by yourself, that true love and friendship are worth more than power and control.

I also was able to go see the movie on IMAX which has 20 min of 3-D which was sweet! The story is coming to a close, and I know the fate of the characters in book 6 but I will be in line next Friday at midnight for book 7!!


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