I cannot believe I am sitting back in my living room again. What a week, it's been a lot of fun, and I am very tired now. I had the chance to see some old friends and some family. Let's see, rolled into town on Tuesday night and spent a few hours chatting with mom and dad before turning in. Wednesday we weren't sure what the weather would do, supposedly it was going to rain, so we went into Holland and I toured my parents new condo, went to visit their antique mall and grabbed some lunch before heading back to Sandy Pines. I was quite impressed with the condo and I must say it's nice knowing that they are only just down the road from a lot of family. We had some great fireworks at Sandy Pines, they do quite a show for a resort that size, people come from all over!
On Thurs I met Jen, someone I have know for over 25 years, hard to believe it's been that long. But, what I love about Jen is that either one of us can pick up the phone and talk like we haven't missed a beat, no matter how long it might have been. Anyway, we met for lunch, then went up to her place and spent time with her kids and husband. Mid-day I went out to Holland to meet up with my cousin Kim, and was extremely humbled by her daughter. I never thought that I would have trouble opening up a child seat, however, I was proven wrong on that. Kylie had to walk me through how to unhook her from that contraption. It was cute and I am sure Kim is still laughing about it yet! Anyway, her kids are just adorable and I was glad I had the chance to hang out with them for a bit. We went out to dinner and had a great talk, it was great to catch up face to face instead of over the Internet. After dinner we went to Shawn's place, which was also a lot of fun with some good conversations as well. Her puppy is SO full of energy, makes my dogs look slightly lazy though I think. But we watched a snippet of Oprah that I think had some great information in it. Perhaps I will post some of my thoughts on that at a later time.
Friday and Sat. were lazy days, my Aunt Bobbi and Uncle Cal came out to say hello and we went for dinner. Then I cooked my famous (okay only in my mind) beef and beer stew for my folks on Sat and then we watched Shrek. I found it quite interesting that most of the movies I have watched with my folks lately have been animated. Interesting.
So I left at 6am this morning (5 my time) and got into Madison at 11 I think. So after some relaxing it's time to get back to life and go to work tomorrow.
Well it's time to shut up and eat some dinner. And I have to play with the new camera some more, it's been a lot of fun!!


Kimberly said…
Glad to hear that you made it home safe & sound. I had an awesome time meeting with you and quite frankly I wish we had more time. Any time you want to come across the lake again, I will get a bed ready (in fact, if it's during the summer you could always stay on the boat). It was nice to hear about how things are going in your life and it was really nice to share with you the stuff in my life. Anyway, loved having dinner with you and I will certainly let you buy when I come to your state.

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