A storms a brewin

Well I thought I should say something on here today since there is a nasty storm heading our way tonight and of course, I am on call! Why am I always on call during the snow storm, rain storms and now the tornado and wind! Must be my luck I guess!

Okay please pardon my rant here, but I must do this...you knew it would happen.
Paris Hilton, my skin crawls on the fact that I just typed her name because I couldn't care less that the heiress does with her life, but after you have been cited for a DUI, laugh about it in open court and then get sentenced to jail for 40 days, of course buying your way down to twenty some days and then walk about after 3?! What would you have to respect the law or anything about how you are supposed to live your life?! I cannot believe that poor princess Paris has some type of "medical condition" what is it allergic to bars? Cannot stand being away from the butler and Egyptian Cotton or silk sheets for a while? COME ON!! Her and her family have given our judicial system and every family that has been touched by a drunk driver the finger!!
Sorry for the rant but it's just ridiculous to me that this has been allowed to happen.

well better shut down before we blow away....


Kimberly said…
We got the same storm - not too bad though. I hope your night at work wasn't too bad.

I also agree with you about the whole Paris thing. Our judicial system is being made a complete joke. They complain about the whole paparazzi thing and act as if their life is so bad - they don't have a freakin clue. There, now you're not the only one ranting about this issue.

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