A really crappy day!

So of course I had a call last night, and again I hit a small animal (sorry little guy) so only a few hours of sleep again. But the day didn't go all that bad, until my supervisor wanted to talk to me about my schedule. I have been on this "training" schedule for 6 months, really a sweet gig, but there is someone that wants it and is pulling the seniority card on me and is going to try and make my life hell. Now, I know I am the newbie, and I am the lowest on the pole, but why are some people just out to be mean? Just because I don't start every conversation about when I was last drunk or how hard I partied does not mean my time or life outside of work (what little we have) is any less important.
On a better side of life I am going to get back into EMS, I have applied with a local EMS department and they will send me back to school to get re certified! Now as excited as I am about this, that other person and their quest to ruin my schedule could also ruin this for me...but only time will tell on that!
Anyway, time to put this to rest and try to forget about work until Sunday when I have to work a few hours....


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