The end of the road

Even though I graduated a month ago, I had this month to finish some classes yet. And I am done to 2 weeks. Tonight was a bittersweet moment as I turned in the rough draft of my senior project and ran into about 5 people that I have been in class with over the last year. It was fun to tell them about graduation and not to sweat the senior project as much, because it's intense but not impossible. So as I was pulling out of the parking lot I realized that some of these people I will not be seeing again. reminds me of that quote, some people enter your life for a reason, season or a lifetime. But for these folks, they were there for a reason that's for sure. I saw Tammy, the girl that helped me in our statistics class..Brett my buddy from investigations, whom I will fingerprint any day!! And others, but these guys were great class buddies and I will think of them when I share my stories of college.
It did get me reflecting on the last 12 years, the journey from high school to where I am today. Some of the tough choices that I have made, and some of the things that were decided long before I knew it. How many people have drifted in and out of my life over the years. But that is the circle of life.

Today I started planning the trip to Michigan. I am REALLY looking forward to leaving town for a few days and driving out there. I am not so sure about 6 days with my parents but it should turn out okay. I have tried to keep my visit sort of quiet, only a few people know I will be coming home, which is just the way I wanted it. When you live out of state and get home people are always trying to get together and you need a vacation after your vacation!

Okay totally random though here I TIVO'd a Dateline NBC about Angelina Jolie and her new movie about Daniel and Mariane Pearl called A Mighty Heart. Not that I don't already admire Angelina and Brad but not in a movie star type of way. She is truly an inspiration to me, I am amazed by her work for Amnesty International and African Aids Orphans. It inspires me to do more, be better and work harder. Finally someone that takes their celebrity seriously, and is more concerned about doing some good in the world and not fattening up their pocketbook.


Kimberly said…
I can't wait till your visit to town - you let me the day and time & I will make it my priority. That is, if I am still on your list of people to visit with. Who am I kidding - if I am not I will hunt you down (stalking is something that I come by honestly).

I agree with your celebrity comment - gotta love celebs who actually do something GOOD with their money.

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