Life is just too short
Most people know that I work in eye donation, but yesterday we lost 6 that were part of the transplant/donation network family. I am saddened by this for a few reasons, most of which I am not allowed to talk about of course. But these folks were doing what they loved, helping others. Even when it means jumping in a plane or hopping in a car to travel many miles away just to save a life. Every day, thousands of professionals do their very best to ensure that the donation and transplantation process is successful," Dr. Sue V. McDiarmid said. "Because of their routine success, the public may not understand the risks they sometimes must take in recovering and transporting organs. They are unsung heroes, willing to take these risks for the purpose of saving lives."
I hope when it is my time to go, that I can be doing what it is that I love to do and that my family will be proud of me.


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