I am so glad it's day of the week IMHO. We have had everyone at the office out attending the EBAA meeting in AZ all week except for 3 of us so we have been swamped, it will be in to see them all back next week. On the down side, I was just getting used to the quiet around work without them there!
Tonight is tattoo night, which I am thrilled about as usual. We are taking my sister-in-law's mother for her first one too so I think this will be a stitch!
So, I have 6 days of class' left but this will be the most stressful of this term. I have SO much homework to do for 1 class, including writing a 10 page paper, taking a final and my usual work. Then there is the senior project that is due on Thursday. I think I am ready, well almost, I have about 12 pages written so I can whip up another 3-8 tomorrow I think. My power point presentation is ready to go. So, I will be spending the entire day at a bookstore tomorrow and try to get it all done. I am on call this weekend as well so I am hoping for only close cases :O)
Other than that, just trying to get my trip lined up and figure out when I can get together with people. I already have a dinner date with my cousin Kim that I am so excited about. It's been a long time.
Time to get ready for work and a busy week....TGIF


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