It's JUNE??!

What the heck happened to May?! I thought it was just here, graduation just happened, where did May go? It has been crazy busy, but that is how life goes.

I have seen a few movies lately, Shrek the 3rd, it was cute, with some adult humor...gotta love it! Although I must say that my new fav movie has been Pirates again. It had all the feeling of a major epic, amazing. I had a great time and didn't really notice the 2h47m time on the movie. I must say that seeing it on an Ultra screen may have enhanced the effects slightly. I am hoping to see it again this weekend :O)

Just over 1 month until the Harry Potter craziness starts again! I was lucky enough at work to be able to have both the movie weekend and the book weekend off, so I will have to do something nice for my co-workers that are picking up the slack on that one!


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