My 2009 in review

So this year didn’t shape up to be the perfect year, but it had important lessons throughout.
New Year started out pretty strong, both of us in good stable jobs ready to tackle the world.
January- President Obama took office this month…I remember a country so full of hope
February – My father celebrated his 73rd birthday, I am very thankful for that.
March- We unexpectedly lost Loni’s mom, I think that this was the most difficult month of all.
April – I played hockey in Canada for the first time, and first trip to Toronto. This also marked the first trip back to Canada without one of my dear friends Marianne.
May – Not much happened in May…
June – June brought about another crisis for us, Loni lost her job at the law firm. And then was in a nasty car accident totaling the car.
July- Nothing memorable happened that I can recall
Aug- Took a trip home, reconnected with an old friend, priceless memories, also another Act ride
Sept – Watched my first Ironman, Saw Pink in concert amazing month
October- Beginning of hockey season again, Lot’s of preparation for the MPD test
November- 1st holiday and 1st birthday without Loni’s mom, failing the MPD test
December – Not much happened this month, building the plan for the following year, ready for a new year.

I am leaving in about a week for a visit to Florida. And actual visit with my folks, which will be the first time I have done that since they began going down there a few years ago. My father surprised me with a 5 day cruise while I am down there as well which I am really looking forward too. This will be the first time that I have been on a cruise and one to Mexico is not half bad with me!!

We have begun working on what is being called “The Plan” which is to get back on our feet again, get debit free and plan for a vacation. I am actually super excited to do this and very energized despite the small changes we need to make. The biggest one, and most important is to curb our dining choices. Right now we do pretty well with making most meals at home, but we tend to stop at the store for “impulse” dinners, or going out to eat 1-2 times a week. As a rule, we never buy lunches since we have leftovers or meals that we make for lunches. But we are going to try and do 1 dinner every 2 weeks…that should help a lot. According to the “The Plan” we will be debit free by the end of the year (minus car, house & student loans) maybe even sooner. I am super stoked about this idea, because we can then start saving for a vacation. First one on the books is a cruise in 2012, which I know sounds far away but its Loni’s 30th birthday and my 35th so it’s a special year. And, we have some friends that said they might be interested in joining us, can’t beat that one!!

So, here is to a new year, another chance to reinvent yourself, to reshape your future and recognize that today is a gift because you are not promised tomorrow.


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