I give in

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Ya know when your body is just telling you to slow down a minute, relax for a second, catch your breath?! Well that was today for me, just need a day to center myself again. Although it helps when you have a stack of police department applications you are submitting as well. I have come to realize that although Madison PD is my preference, in order to be realistic I should also apply for those areas surrounding that I will accept as well. So, that is what I will be hacking away at today, trying to get these 14 pagers done and printed so I can turn them in and get hired. Real simple, just wish it didn't take around 7mo-1yr to happen!
I just realized that I can have a cup of coffee and enjoy the whole thing, hell I am brew a pot and drink that whole thing if I want to. Whoohoo! Simple things in life is all it takes sometimes.
So the old saying, "stop and smell the roses" is just as effective today and important to do.


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