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Ah another weekend is here, although this post finds me sitting at the office waiting for a Lion to drop off a case from Milwaukee. Actually last night found me here, this morning I was on the phone working and now I am here again. Well it wouldn't be my recovery weekend if it wasn't slightly busy. As I was leaving the house to come in, I got my honey-do list, things I can just do while I am out and about. This coming from the one that was able to stay for dinner with our friends and then went to another friends house until 1230am. And of course guess who had to get up with the dogs at 6am? yup me! Oh well, if she had fun I suppose that's the main thing. I will be dammed if both of us are miserable just because I have to work. At least one of us can be having a good time hanging out with friends!
Ugh, I am just frustrated with work latley (well okay it's been the entire time but I am at the end of the rope now!) I just want to have a life again. I don't mind being busy and having things to do but when my own executive director thinks we all just need to get over the fact that work more than 40hrs it ticks me off. I have no seperation between work and life.
Anyway, got a few more donations from members of my Lions club, but things are still really slow coming in. Makes me feel like a failure, that I cannot even raise as much as I did last year much less the minimum! I know it's hard with the economy right now and gas prices, but I am going to be very embarrased when I see my final numbers on day 0 and I can't even meet the goal. How do these people that raise thousands do it?? I know some have a few very generous friends and companies that will help support them, some families are also generous. Guess that will just be something I don't have.
okay well I don't have much else to say, have to get ready to get back to work now and then run to the store..what a life


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