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I figured it has been a while since I posted anything, I don't have a lot to share right now..well that's not entirly true either. Let's see if I can do the short, short version. Loni got a new job yesterday (HELL YEAH!!!) she is working in some fabulous fancy schmancy law firm downtown with a great view or something. Starting to make me very jealous, but I am very excited for her, she deserves to be in a good place and one of us should be happy dammit! Um, it looks as if I will be going back to EMT school next month. Although it's not official until I think Monday, I will be the newest member of DeerGrove EMS and they are sending me back to school. The cool thing is that every level I want to take and get closer to paramedic (and ultimately get it if I want) they will pay for it! As I was driving out there I thought perhaps this isn't the time to have something else on my plate since I am crazy busy...but once we sat down talking I could feel the excitement, so I would be a fool to turn down the oppertunity.
Last night we had a going away party for Tisha, she is moving to MN for a better job (goodbye assmunch & ringworm aka, where Loni just quit as well!!) and to be closer to Mike. Good for her, but it's hard to see a friend leave. But we are close enough that she can visit I hope. It is always a blast hanging out with friends, even if it was at Poolys!
I have submitted 2 more police department applications this week. In fact one of them tests next sunday so that will be moving quite quickly I think. I guess we will see how it all shakes out. All I know is that I need to get a new job asap, it is clear from recent events that the labs safety is not that important to them, nor is our ability to work without being exhausted a cause for concern either. Perhaps we need a union to help them figure out how to manage. It's pathetic. I have an idiot for a manager that is so demeaning and rude it's not funny. I really can't take much more.
Last but certianly not least, Saturday I am shooting Angelas wedding. I am fine with the ceremony and reception pictures, but suddenly terrified about the "posed" ones. I really don't know what I am doing for that, and frankly I don't like posed shots. They bother me. I prefer capturing the moment without you really even knowing I am there. But I guess everyone has a first time for everything, so we will see just how this goes!
I realized I have a day off tomorrow, so I will be having an errand day and prep for Sat. if I am lucky, Loni will also join me. WHOOHOO!!


Kimberly said…
Good luck to you with the EMT/Paramedic journey. It seems like something you would enjoy, so I hope it all works out. The same for your applications at the local PD's.

I'm sure you will do just fine with the wedding pics. You'll probably find that the non-posed pics are the ones they will prefer too. Just have fun doing it and I'm sure it will turn out just fine. :)

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