Why blog?

I have found myself wondering recently why I started this blog. When I started it was a place to capture my thoughts as I worked some awful shifts at work, an online journal of sorts that was my little secret. I didn't tell anyone about my little slice of cyber space and frankly it wasn't anyone's business. After a while I realized that a lot of friends, a lot of family members also had blogs and suddenly I was able to see what was going on with them at any time, even though I was in WI. I decided I wanted some people to know what was happening in my life as well.

Recently I have been able to merge those two thoughts into one place that I "let it all hang out" if you will. My blog is a place to release fears, be excited about stuff, wonder about life, and ultimately clear some head space from time to time. Regardless, I have invited you (yup you...the one reading right now) into my life. All I ask is that you respect what you find, don't be judgmental and know you are now a part of a special circle.

I have been lucky to have the full support from my partner who doesn't care what or how I write, I don't even think she knows the address. Even so, this is MY place. Sometimes I get random visitors, but mainly I have only shared my blog with people I want to see it. If I share it with my parents let's say, I would no longer be free to express myself and even sub-consciously would censor myself. Even thought I would swear that I wasn't doing that on purpose there are just some people I would never share these thoughts with. I am not trying to hide anything, but sometimes you need that kind of environment. Fortunately, I have friends I can talk to about things but it's easier for me to write. But this is how I have been since I was a kid.

So, thank you for reading, and know that I have invited you into this place because I chose you. I chose to share my life with you, maybe you will be inspired, enlightened, or more thoughtful because of it.


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