On My Mind

I was not intending to get up and write on here first thing this morning. Something has been weighing on my mind lately, and perhaps it is just because I am feeling worn out and just tired. I feel like I am living to work these days and not working to live. I love what I do for a job, helping restore people's sight is a wonderful reason to get up in the morning. But with the amount of on-call, coordination and regular work I am just losing steam. I know I am getting worn out because I am getting sick more often and I usually have an immune system like a tank. But what do you do? When does a job go from simply work to something you enjoy and look forward to? I am so envious of people that just LOVE their jobs, they enjoy going to work every day. I have not had that in many years. The best job I ever had was when I was working at a cell phone company call center. It allowed me to stretch my imagination, move around throughout the company and challenge myself in new roles. Unfortunately, at my current job, because we are so small there is no room for growth and some of the more serious issues I cannot help with.

So what do I do...stay when I am not happy? Leave when I am unsure? How does one know when it is time to go?


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