You have got to work at it

What makes two people enter into a relationship? And for that matter what makes them stay in it? How do you have people that have been together or married for decades? Even my own parents are celebrating their 38th wedding anniversary.

So what is that key, the glue that keeps these people together while others can't seem to last long enough to meet the family?! Is it that couples start learning everything about each other and no longer share any new or exciting experiences? Or perhaps the goals have shifted from thinking of a way to impress your partner and now everyone is so tired at the end of the day its just time to go to bed...for sleep.

How do you keep that flirtation feeling? How do you start to re-appreciate your partner and those qualities that made you fall in love in the first place.

I think the best answer that I have have got to work at it. Being in a relationship is not easy, and there might be times that you wonder what you are doing..if you are still happy. But if you stop to think about those qualities that made you fall in love, you find that you can make it.

That is my hope.


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