All by Myself

I know you are singing the song right?! ha! Every now and then I like to just do some things by myself. "Jenn time" as I call it, perhaps its from being an only child and I learned to have a creative imagination because I was always with adults or just used to having my own space. But my time alone is almost as important as time spent with those that I love. So I think I am going on a date with myself at some point this weekend, dinner (Pho) and a movie (new Jodie Foster flick... The Brave One) It really doesn't get any better let me tell ya!

Quiet time to reflect on life and things going on in life is so important. I don't think we as a society ever find enough time to reflect. We are so busy trying to get from point A to point B faster, more efficiently that we do not stop to observe the moments that are happening around us each day. And before you know it, the moment has passed you by.


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