In one word that is how I would describe how I felt taking the ice for skills practice today. Not excited, nervous or scared, just plain petrified. My knees were literally shaking. I have never been in that type of situation in relation to an athletic adventure before. When I initially looked at the breakdown of individuals in my group for the skills clinics I was nervous because most of the names I did not recognize. I had gotten so used to certain faces on the ice each week it was hard to believe that was an entirely different group that would be out there. So once again I found myself trying to look for friendly faces only to find more apprehension in their own. Fortunately, when the first group was done Tim sat next to me and shared that he felt the same way when he started. It was nice to know that others have felt the same as I was today. But once we hit the ice it was a completely different ball game.

I went from petrified to humbled very quickly. The skills I thought I had a handle on before today I found I hardly could complete them without ending on my face or on my butt. Some of the drills would have us intentionally slide on our belly or knees (a skill I have perfected!!) and get up quickly and continue on. But by the end of the hour I was having a good time and already looking forward to next week.

By nature most people assume that I am very outgoing and I have even been described as a social butterfly on occasion. Personally, I am quite shy and very uncomfortable around people I do not know. But I think I am really going to enjoy this group of people! I was great to see some of the players from the first session staying to watch ours, perhaps I will come early next week to watch theirs as well.


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