Reason, Season, or A Lifetime

Have you ever heard the saying that people come into your life for a reason, season or a lifetime? I think I have had a lot of that happening lately, sort of fate smackin you in the face with something. With the Aids Ride and now Hockey I feel that I have met some pretty special people, and it feels like I met them when I was supposed to met them. Does that make any sense?

Here is an example. I am enjoying the "budding photographer" title now, wrapping my arms around a fun hobby that I would love to turn into something a little more. So a girl at work asks me one day to shoot her wedding next year. Um, are you sure? Was my reply. But I did say yes!

The next incident was meeting Patrick on the hockey team. He is a super sweet guy that seems to have some strong business sense. While we were hanging out on Saturday night he was telling me about a magazine that he has just started up. The first of it's kind that has no alcohol or sex ads in them! Anyway, the magazine is called Our Lives Madison. So we start talking and somehow I ended up mentioning I would love to help or something and he said that perhaps I could take some pictures for his magazine, which of course I agreed to quite quickly. I figured he would want to have someone more, oh I don't know, experienced perhaps. So I figured once I sent him my pictures he would decided I am just not a good match for what he wants. Well evidently he liked it because Tues night I got an email with my first actual assignment! I am SO pumped. I am going to head up to Sauk on Sat so I can take pictures of what an article describes.

Now that is the big sign in my face huh? I am  really pumped about some of these opportunities that have come my way recently so I am jumping in full speed!! I am planning on taking some photography classes real quick too :O)


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