The Scary Part About Parents

Most people that have known me for a while have learned that I have parents slightly older than most. My father is going on 73, and mom turns 60 tomorrow (Happy Birthday Mom!) Over the years I have come to understand that eventually they will age, and I will begin to worry about their health or their well being. I can already see this happening as they make certain purchases and decide to call me first or they call to ask my opinion. I was also reminded of this when almost 2 years ago I had to take an emergency flight to Pensacola Fl. where my dad was going to have a quadruple bypass.

So, this morning while I get a phone call from my mom.. she said "I don't suppose your dad told you I fell yesterday." Now you would have to know my mom to understand why this scared me a little bit.

  1. 1. Mom is one of the healthiest people I know. She has taken vitamins most of my life, and she is just usually healthy- never sick
  2. 2. She has only been "injured" 1 time that I can really remember, and of course I was involved in it (long story. It has to do with a roller skating rink on Thanksgiving and air hockey. Go ahead, ask em sometime!)
  3. Mom is the "strong one"

Now I don't mean to imply that my dad isn't strong. He is my hero in so many ways. But mom is just one tough lady.

Fortunately, mom is just bruised and banged up. But it's just another reminder of what is to come.  


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