I know how to stop!!

okay I know that is it somewhat silly that I would be posting something about being able to stop on the ice but I am very excited tonight. I came prepared, wearing some running pants with my shin guards underneath. It began with some direction from my fellow team members on sliding this foot and sliding that one, attempting to figure out which foot should be my anchor skate. After some initial reluctant tries, and of course some spills..I was able to get a stop out..then another..and soon I was going all around the rink stopping on each line.

Now, you won't see the huge arch of ice as I stop quickly..and there might be a slight wobble..but I can at least stop!! And after our ice time, I got a a couple of hugs from some great guys and that ended my night wonderfully! I think people are right, this is a great group of people!!


bri said…
holy crap, i totally forgot about skating last night! sounds like you're doing awesome, keep up the good work!

see you at the stick taping party?

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