So my parents are coming for a visit in 3 days. As usual right now I am busy trying to choreograph the entire visit, trying to make sure they enjoy their visit, and allowing for time to hang out. This weekend is going to be slightly longer since they are coming on Friday and not leaving until Monday so they can watch the hockey game Sunday night. While they are here we will attend my work holiday function and do some work around the house. Sound pretty simple and nice right? Well that is where the kicker is… since they have STILL not met Loni (after 7 ½ years) they will not be in the same place as her at the same time. This usually causes me the anxiety since I do not want to ask Loni to leave her house and make sure my parents are not uncomfortable.

But, I am at a point that I am not sure what to do. I know my parents are set in their ways and their thinking, which I am not trying to change. But at what point can I say enough is enough!! How long will they continue to sit in their judgment?!
They are predicting another weekend of snow and freezing rain which means Loni will not go up hunting as planned and then I will not be able to have them over to the house because she will be home. I cannot nor will I ask Loni to risk her safety to drive somewhere if the weather is poor just so my parents can see the inside of my new home. For too long I have tried to take the high road, hoping that somehow they will come to understand me, or care about my life and who makes me happy.

I wish I knew someone that could talk to them, help them understand or comes to term with this. A co-worker told me of a story about a young girl that was gay and her mom was a strict christian as well and couldn’t accept her daughter. So the kid committed suicide. Now the mom realizes that wasn’t quite so bad….

I just wish I had an answer or a solution… I just feel sad and upset


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