Its been a while

This morning I thought rather than do some "house stuff" I would take the time to sit and drink my coffee and write a bit. The last few weeks, well okay last month, has been a blur. From looking at houses, to putting and offer in, then moving all took less than 2 months. Slightly different from my preconceived notions on house buying.

Let's see, last weekend I had my first paid photography gig and my nights lately have been consumed by attempting to learn how to use Photoshop. I am thinking it might be good to take a class at the camera shop on this since I have no flippin clue what I am doing! I am trying to get my business name on the bottom, which I figured out how to do, but it won't save as anything but a Photoshop that is what I need to figure out before the end of the weekend. I need to turn in my pictures next week.

Speaking of business, yesterday I mailed out the tax stuff for a sole-proprietorship which will make tax time much easier for the photography stuff. On Saturday afternoon I will be going downtown to shoot Angela and Ben's engagement photos as well which I am really looking forward to. I owe much of my reason for picking up a camera to her, so thank you Angela!!

I have spent much of the last 2 weeks trying to get myself out of this "funk" that I have fallen into. Truthfully, it all started in anticipation of my parents visit. And with the simple words of a new friend "Sometimes we need to create a family of choice. Jenn, you might need to do that too." Simple, profound, scary.

I am going on Sunday to see the documentary For the bible tells me so. I will be alone most of the weekend so I thought it would be a good time to go.

Right now I am just focusing on surrounding myself with people that love and care about me for who I am. Not letting the little things get to me and always looking on the bright side. 


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