Some observations

In the last couple of days we have gotten a few inches of snow. I am not sure what the latest total is but I am assuming around 7-8 inches. Now, a month ago this would not have been much of an issue since my landlord took care of the driveway (and it was kind of short anyway) but now that we own our place guess who is out shoveling?! This weekend I am getting a snow blower but until that time, I must clear out the driveway on my own. I remember years ago when dad would get home from work and go out to do the driveway.. I thought it was so cool. Yeah, not so much. Cold perhaps...freezing at times..but not cool. Last night when I got home from work I shoveled for about and hour and then at 615am I had to start all over here are the things I was thinking of while shoveling:

  • it's way to damn early and cold to be out here
  • suddenly 500$ seems like a bargain for a snow blower
  • wind pants, although keeps the snow off...not so much warm
  • now i know why the gloves i found were in the trunk..they suck!
  • hat..very important item, must pick one up
  • i really don't want to do this again tonight
  • did i mention pants...really need to pick up snow pants or something
  • remember moon boots? my folks used to EACH have a pair..wonder if those kept you feet warmer
  • I think tonight before i start again I will build a fire, love the fireplace!

Now wasn't that fun?! okay time to put away the dishes..i love this life!


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