The care of a stranger

Yesterday at work one of the girls gave me a People Magizine from Nov.19th that had an article about a christian lady who's daughter committed suicide after struggling with being a lesbian. The mother name is Mary Lou and she origionally told her daughter that although she loved HER she felt being gay was a sin and she could not accept that. Mary Lou has a web site called teach ministries which is a wonderful site for anyone GLBT or their Allies.
So, I sent an email to their web site, asking for some help with my parents since they are also christian and struggling with this for quite a while. I recieved the most wonderful, caring letter back from Mary Lou within the hour! Tears just rolled down my cheeks as I read this at work..for the first time, I felt like someone "just like" my mother was wrapping their arms around me and saying it was okay, that they love me just the way I am.
Go visit them Teach Ministries

Well I have to get some stuff ready for my mom and dad's visit. They will be here in a couple of hours.


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