So I have decided that no one really reads my blog. Not that I mind, it gives me a place out in cyberspace that I can share my thoughts and observations or whatever. Actually, I think I just have blog envy. I look at some of friends or family and they have TONS of people that comment. Oh well..that's how it flows.

On the exciting front, I have an interview tomorrow morning. Yippie! But I don't want to get too excited, this is just the beginning. I need to be very selective and really decide what it is that I want. What will make me happy. I will gladly shovel hay if that will make me smile and alleviate some of my stress.

So how is this for irony jumping into you email box in the morning. I subscribe to a daily email thing that said this

"Everybody in our life – one way or another - comes to help us in our correction process.  Even the people who may hate us: ex-husbands, disgruntled employees, downstairs neighbors, former friends.  Every person in our life is here to awaken another part of our correction. 
It doesn't mean we aren't going to react.  We can't always expect to thank someone who slaps or slanders us.  But in the bigger picture, if we look at ourselves from afar, we can see that everyone in our life is here to teach us. 

Today, as you deal with unpleasant people - especially the ones taking a big bite out of you – say a silent "thank you."  Know they are there to open something for you in your corrective process."

Yup, just what I needed today. I think I said thank you a billion times today, kill 'em with kindness, I can make it though this.


S Huiz said…
You would be surprised- for every person who comments, there are a ton more out there reading your blog who do not comment. I am relatively new to blogging as well, and I find out each day in a round about way that people who I would never guess are reading my blog. It is intriguing to try and figure out how they even found it. For some reason, we like to "drop in" on other's lives, but we like to do so privately. What does that say about human nature? :-) I am your cousin Amanda's sister-in-law, so I know Kim and Shawn as well, and I am a faithful reader of their blogs (if Shawn would ever post again!). I hop over to your blog every now and again from Kim's. I have enjoyed reading about your hockey highlights and your Act rides, etc. I am glad you are at a good place in your life and congratulations on your new home! How exciting! So, just remember, you never know who is reading and you DO have an audience! Much luck to you in your job search- I hope you can find something that you are happier with. I enjoy my job tremendously (teaching), and it does make a difference in your life since we do spend so much of our lives at our jobs. Take care!
Kimberly said…
I second what Sarah said! I love reading your blog and hearing about your daily life. Especially since I feel so far away from you. I know that I don't always comment, but I ALWAYS read what you got going on. Don't quit blogging because then I wouldn't be able to be a part of your daily life. Good luck with your job hunt and I hope that you find something that satisfies your entire soul. I too love my job and can't imagine what it would be like to work somewhere I hated to go. I love the quote and I think that those are positive but difficult words to live by. I don't think that I could say those "thank you's" without the strength of God.

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