I am tired...very tired

So it's early, 445am actually..and I have been awake for 45min already. Hard to believe after my day yesterday. I had to coordinate Thurs night so I was up for over 24 hours since work won't let you count that as working time. I think that will someday be the downfall of work, someone will get so exhausted and try driving a long distance either back home or to a case and get in an accident.

Since I was wide awake I took the dogs out and DAMN it's cold! Like your breath freezes in your chest cold (-7 with -15 wind chill currently for those that want to know)

Since I am sitting here I am watching ER from last week and they played hockey...it was rather amusing! Speaking of hockey, they have an essay contest about what gay hockey means to us (they pay for us to go to a tournament in NY if we are selected) so I have been working on that since New Year's Eve. The interesting thing, is that as I was writing I realized that hockey is more than a sport I play once a week. It is so much more than that. Perhaps when I tweak it a little more I will post it on here. I should be turning it in this week.

okay this is getting long, time to relax a bit.


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