Quick update

Nothing that much going on right now to update. I scored my 2nd goal on Sunday night with another assist from Vivian which was sweet! Seems like we do very well playing together and I have learned so much from her. She is like a mini hockey wiki for me!

Oh I went to the UW Women's hockey game Saturday as well which was awesome! They are so good, and quick! DAMN! Anyway, we had so much fun! It ended up being my friend Mel, Loni and Vivian but that was just enough to make it enjoyable!

What else..my new schedule is going good, I just love being done at 230 in the afternoon. It worked to my advantage today with the weather since work wasn't letting anyone leave, pathetic really...they don't really care that much for our safety. The job hunt is still on but I am working on something, of course it requires a few essays which are taking me a while to write but I have until March.

Next week I head to Tampa for work..don't really want to go though. I leave Wednesday morning and fly back Sunday afternoon. I was supposed to go with another girl , who incidentally is turning in her letter of resignation tonight. She finally decided that her happiness is worth more to her and will be leaving.  Lucky girl! So, that means I will be traveling alone with my laptop for company!

Other than that, I could go on forever about how I am unhappy in my job etc, how depressed it truly makes me, how anxious I feel every day when I walk in the building.

Oh something I forgot to mention... Rocky Mountain School of Photography is coming to Madison for a weekend seminar in May that I might be signing up for. Some great classes are being offered that I think will help me tremendously! I am very excited about it!


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