Caution, temper flaring!!

Okay I am so irritated and downright pissed with Citibank. I will hereby and forever more encourage people NEVER to use them. They have the shittiest customer service of any company I have worked with. Seriously, let's share a story:

St. Patrick's Day 2007, I go to Ashley furniture and purchase a couch. A lovely micro-fiber thing, biggest purchase to date (before the house of course) and get approved for 12 months no interest, no payments. Happily I stroll out the door. Fast forward to Nov 2007, just after the house purchase, I get a charge for NSF. Since I have not had one of those, and I am sure my bank would have sent a nasty gram, I call customer service because they must have added this in error. After getting the run-around from Citibank, and them telling me that my check was returned by my bank, I hung up the phone quite ticked off. I checked my online account with the bank..funny that my check was cashed with no problem! So I get someone on the phone that confirms this, agrees to fax something to Citibank stating this. Problem solved!

Yeah right!

I get a letter from Citibank stating that they have reviewed my bank information, and the charges remain. (WTF??!!!) I try with no avail 2 more times before January to have this reversed.

Today January 25, 2 months after the first a late payment charge (please see above NO PAYMENT, NO INTEREST FOR 12 MONTHS) and the lovely finance charge. So, once again I get on the phone with these irritating individuals... after waiting over 8 minuets for someone to answer, the guy asks for my account number and then puts me on hold for an additional 10 minuets!!! Not sure what he was looking for, perhaps went for a burger or smoke.

Anyway, he wouldn't answer my questions about why I would get charged a late payment charge (Did I mention a 100$ payment on Dec. 14?) Anyway, as a courtesy since I have never been late on a payment (Duh!!) he will remove those charges.

Which still leaves me with the damn bounced check, and terrible customer service when I call to get it taken care of.... I have become the new poster child for Anti-Citibank!!


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