New Perspective

So with a new year comes another chance to change one's perspective on things in life. The most obvious thing for me lately is just how much I need to remove myself from the job that I have. It is effecting my health, my soul, my personality. Everyone that knows me knows that I am a very happy-go-lucky, love to laugh type of person. But when I pull up to work I get a wave of depression that just overwhelm's me. My energy is sucked away and I just am not me. I won't say I am desperate to find a new job right now because desperation will make a person do crazy things but I am on the prowl. I will find that something that I will be able to let me come shining through again.

Things have been busy, lots of meetings for steering committee. It's hard to believe that we are busy planning the Act 6 ride and before we know it the day will be here! I am trying to gather up a list of mentors for the ride, to make the 1st year riders more prepared, more supported and more involved.

Then there is still hockey, we are over the 1/2 way mark which makes me slightly sad. I am enjoying hockey so much, I will I was better at it, but I am having a blast! I would actually love to be on the board for hockey some day as well. I want to keep this wonderful venue open for other people long after I am unable to play (which hopefully we can turn this into a senior league some day!)

Off to make it a great weekend!


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