I feel like Sally Field

First of all I totally feel like Sally Field right now…you read it, you really read it! Anyway, enough of that!
Nothing much to report lately other than my days just seem to be flying by! I am happy to report that today my boss realized that my current sucky schedule of 10-630 was just not a worthwhile one, and had decided to move me to the 6-230 one. This is a huge win for me on work happiness, although slightly early, I am going to focus on going to the gym after work. I am excited in the summer I will be able to get out and snap some pictures as well…good times!
I got my new issue of Rangefinder Magazine (it’s a professional photography mag) and it is all in black and white and the pictures are just fabulous! I have not had the camera out since new years now…damn I think it’s time to change that! I am thinking with the $$ I made doing Angela’s wedding this summer that I will look into getting 2 things for the camera. I need a backpack that can hold all my gear and my tripod, they are not cheap at all, holy crap they are expensive. The other item I am looking into is a Wacom tablet. I don’t know a ton of people that have used this, so I am not sure if it will be worth it or not. But it seems with editing photos with a mouse is quite difficult and this would make that smoother…thoughts??

I am trying to think of the best way to get the biggest bang for my buck since I don’t know when the next paying gig might happen again. This could really be the end of the paying ones, which isn’t that bad. I do my photography for fun anyway, and I really don’t want to be classified as a wedding or portrait photographer. I would love to be more of a photojournalist…but not really sure that I could do anything like that anymore.

On the hockey front...I still have not turned in my essay. I decided to add more “personal” stuff in it. I think that is why I have not submitted it … it feels like I am just putting myself out there. What if I am selected? What if I am not? What will people think when they read it? I know that is silly, and it should not matter, yet it does. I did email Bri for the cover sheet which she provided promptly, so now it’s a matter of sending it.

Okay I am still hopelessly bored at work…perhaps I will think of more things.


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