What the hell do you do at 5am?!

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So my lovley dog Jersey decided I need to be up slightly earlier than my usual 530am today. Not a huge deal mind you, I am working an earlier shift, I could already smell the wonderful vegetarian chili Loni had simmering all night long...okay I'm up. But, when the house is dark, and you must be quiet what the hell do you do? Evidently today I blog.
Let's see, over the last couple of weeks things have been super stressful in my life. Between Grandpa Broesch passing away and my parents visit, I think I hit my limit. Of couse last week Tuesday I got a cold which I fought all last week. So that knocked me down for a day of work, but on that same day, I got a phone call that offered me a new job. Instant healer I think...seems I started feeling better that very day!
My new job will start Monday October 13th and I will be working customer service for Summit Credit Union. It feels good going back to what I used to do, comfortable, and with any luck, I will jump up the ranks there like I did with USCC. But either way, it's bankers hours, 1 saturday a month...why wouldn't I be happy with that! The reaction I got from the eye bank was less than steller and quite frankly it hurt. Didn't seem that they cared one bit, my co-workers did - then again they are the ones having to carry the load I now place back on them. But again, management failed miserably. Again because I am female I didn't get the "let's try to keep you" lunch that a male co-worker did when he wanted to quit (did I mention I told them not to hire him?!) and neither did the other female co-worker that is leaving tomorrow. Let me tell ya, the eye bank is in for a rough road. I really do feel bad for the situation the lab is in now, they really have to bust their humps to cover everything, and because the management is piss poor, they will do it without much help. Then again, if you could wake up the manager perhaps he would see the problem, oh wait, he should just look in the mirror.
ugh, I could go on about that forever. I need to get in the shower now anyway, I am trying a new breakfast this morning that I am quite excited about, some meatless breakfast sausage! YUM!! Have I mentioned I can still smell the chilli???


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