I don't even know if exhausted begins to cover it right now. Since last week I don't think I have averaged over 3-4 hours of sleep a night and emotionally we are really hanging on by threads right now. I am so focused on trying to make sure that Loni has anything she needs yet this week is extremely busy for me too so I am not home as much as I wish I could be. And to top it off this weekend is my dual police department stuff so it's stressful for that reason too.

I just feel lost, busy with "stuff" to do but waiting for when that phone call comes in. And to top all of this off, my parents will be here for 4 days next week. I just have too much stress in my life at the moment.

As I was walking out of my meeting tonight I just stared at the moon and listened to the waves on the shore...

Did I mention I saw a rainbow tonight? beautiful


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